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About Howard Grooters, Lawyer:

Hi, and welcome to my law office.  A little about me:

I went to college at the University of Minnesota for my B.A., then went to the University of Oregon law school for my law degree.   Along the way, I also attended the University of Paris, Pantheon-Sorbonne, where I studied international litigation and European Economic Community law.

As you might guess from the three universities I attended, I've moved around a bit.   I was born in New York City, spent my childhood in New York, then my teenage and high school years in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, metro area.   I've also lived in the cities of Seattle and Oklahoma City here in the US, as well as the cities of Nantes and Paris in France.   I love Oregon, and settled here because it is truly a wonderful place to live.

I'm a fixed-wing airplane pilot and a US Air Force veteran, having served on active duty with the 964th Airborne Warning And Control Squadron (commonly known by the acronym AWACS) in the early 1980's.   My squadron literally flew a global mission in the '80's and I had the opportunity during those years to observe, first-hand, peoples of the world in a wide variety of geographic, social, and economic settings, not just western Europe and similar cultures such as Australia, but also communities from Okinawa and Japan, to the Philippines to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and flew combat missions over the Persian Gulf and the October 1983 Grenada Invasion.   Some of these communities suffered extreme poverty, others suffered extreme gender inequality, while others suffered the consequences of severe geopolitical instability.   Everywhere I found myself, I found indivdiual people with compelling life experiences and stories.

After military service, I worked in the civil Air Traffic Control profession, handling air traffic under radar control at the Seattle Area Route Traffic Control Center with the Federal Aviation Administration.   Before becoming a lawyer, I also engaged in extensive securities trading in the U.S. and European markets, focusing on the area of mergers and acquisitions arbitrage trading, which I eventually walked away from as unsatisfying.

And so, I came to law practice in 2002 as a third or fourth career, informed by my life experience, a love for travel and flight, a passion for the worker, a healthy skepticism of the structural integrity of the private corporation, and a desire to help people as individuals.   I am licensed for the practice of law in the State of Oregon, and admitted to practice in all Oregon State Courts, the US District Court for the Federal District of Oregon, and in the US before the administrative law judges of the National Transportation Safety Board, and am an active member of the Oregon State Bar, the Lane County Bar Association, and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

My Practice Areas:

You don't have to look at legal advertising long before you see it: a web search for a lawyer to help with your employment issue, for example, leads to the law firm of 'Jones' and 'Smith' or father and son 'Johnson', where you are assured that they are the lawyers best qualified to solve your problem.   Then you see the laundry list of everything else they do, from personal injury to divorce, from adoption to murder defense, from wills to workers comp.   The list is long and you may find yourself wondering how they can be the best fit for you in your employment dispute, their next client in a child custody dispute, and yet their next client in a commercial business contract.   The truth is, they can't, unless they have dozens of lawyers in their office, but the big law firms have the corporate bosses as a client, and long lasting corporate accounts is what they're interested in.

Law in the 21st century is complex, and it isn't realistic to think any lawyer can excel in numerous areas of law all at the same time.   While I do practice in several areas, I am committed to achieving the highest level of excellence in representation of clients by focusing case selection to a narrow range of specific areas of law.   If you call looking for help with a divorce, I will refer you elsewhere; if you call to have a will drafted, I will refer you elsewhere.

My commitment is driven by personal interest in the legal well being of people in their dealings with the organizations that control their economic well being, and sometimes their physical freedom.

Employment Litigation:

I place a major focus of my work on wage and hour claims under both state and federal law, including claims relating to Minimum Wage, Overtime, Prevailing Wage, Final Pay, Illegal Deductions from Pay, as well as other claims relating to the conditions of employment.

Aviation Enforcement Actions:

My second focus in my civil practice is in representation of professional and recreational aviators, certified mechanics, and others involved in aviation activities, defending against administrative certificate actions by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).   I am a designated panel attorney with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Legal Services Plan.

Criminal Defense:

While a great part of my focus is on two specific civil law practice areas, I continue to defend the accused in criminal matters.   Most of this work is court appointed, for indigent defendants who cannot afford a lawyer, though I also take direct-hire clients on DUII charges in Oregon.

About this Web Site:

The purpose of this web site is to provide general information about the services offered by my law practice.   I focus my representation primarily on the employee throughout the State of Oregon, in matters of employment law; aviators throughout the US national airspace system, in matters of federal regulation of aviation; and the criminally accused.   This web site is your overview and gateway to these legal services.   Remember to read the important full disclaimer information regarding this web site.

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This information is not a do-it-yourself guide to resolving disputes or handling litigation. While some readers may find the information useful for understanding the basic issues and their legal context, it is NOT a substitute for experienced legal counsel and is not legal advice. Reading this information does not form an attorney-client relationship. Please contact the professionals at The Law Office of Howard J. Grooters to discuss your specific case. Call (541) 338-4144 or use the case contact form.

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